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Huawei to announce major shift with HarmonyOS Next

 Huawei to announce major shift with HarmonyOS Next

Beijing, China – In a significant move, Huawei is about to announce the release of HarmonyOS Next in September 2024, marking a major shift in its operating system strategy. The new iteration will completely eliminate support for Android apps, signaling the company’s continued effort to build a fully independent software ecosystem.

Huawei’s journey away from Android began in 2019 after the US trade ban, which restricted the company’s access to Google services. This led to the development and launch of HarmonyOS in 2021, an operating system designed to work alongside Android apps while introducing unique features and capabilities.

Key Features

HarmonyOS Next will not support Android APKs, focusing instead on HarmonyOS-specific applications. The new system will utilize HAP files, a packaging format designed exclusively for HarmonyOS, ensuring that apps are tailored to the operating system’s architecture.

Huawei’s Ambitious Goals

The move is part of Huawei’s broader strategy to strengthen its software ecosystem. The company has already garnered support from over 4,000 applications, including major names like Alipay and McDonald’s. Huawei aims to expand this number significantly, targeting a library of 500,000 apps in the long term.

Industry Impact

This move is expected to have significant implications for the tech industry, as Huawei continues to build a robust and independent software ecosystem. The company’s efforts may inspire other players to follow suit, potentially reshaping the landscape of the operating system market.


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